Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation have been tried, tested, researched and proved in detail worldwide. Meditation and yoga helps not only physically but more so emotionally and spiritually. In simple words you step into your power. The most important aspect of this is – yoga and meditation is not an intellectual learning , if you want the benefits , you have to get your hands dirty, and fully submerge yourself in the experience.

If you have been thinking of adopting meditation and yoga as part of your daily routine, but putting it off because you don’t have time, can’t sit in one place too long or feel like you won’t be able to? The benefits far outweigh any of the excuses you have been giving yourself.   Under the guidance of our trained and experienced meditation and yoga teachers you will be gently introduced and shown the way into making these practices a part of your daily routine.  You will find inner peace in a world that is constantly throwing obstacles and stressors your way. You will connect with your inner self and feel your body, mind and soul come alive.

Duration: Monday to Saturday at 5AM-6AM

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