Refund Policy

1) We have a non refundable policy in general. We make sure all information is provided before you book your sessions.

2) However if you still have any grey areas , firstly we insist that you take time to ask questions – we love questions. Secondly complete the pre assessment tests which will provide you with an idea of yourself and thirdly if necessary book the 45 mins free consultation before you commit to the sessions.

3) Once you have made payment we understand that now you are ready to begin your healing journey and are committed. As such we do not give refunds.

Full package payment is not refundable.
Part package payment is not refundable.
The sessions are non transferable to another person.

4) In case of a medical or personal emergency, please write to us and let us know. Our team will review your request and will approve it.

If the product is a program/event, we will put your program/event on hold 18 months. Wherein you can join for a no-extra cost the same program/event when it happens again within 18 months.

In case of personal therapy sessions, you can rebook your dates within 12 months. Post the 12 months are completed rescheduling is not possible



Signing up for self healing work can be sometimes be an overwhelming experience. You may have several questions about what the actual process constitutes and how it might benefit you.

It is important to know that a therapist /coach does not give advice or quick solutions to “fix” your problems but rather facilitates a movement towards deeper awareness and emotional stability, thereby empowering you to make healthy decisions in your life.

There are many different approaches that can be utilised to address the problems that you hope to resolve. Coming to ASTA is quite like visiting a medical doctor, in that it requires that you become an active participant in your healing process; not just during our sessions but also between sessions.
This process is associated with potential emotional risks as well as benefits. Sometimes the process involves talking about thoughts, feelings and experiences that have been painful. Because of this, the emotional risks sometimes include experiencing uncomfortable levels of anxiety, sadness, fear, anger, guilt, hurt, loneliness and helplessness. However, most people who take these risks find that this is very helpful to them. ASTA services has also been shown to have several benefits such as a significant reduction of feelings of distress, better relationships, and/or the resolution of specific problems.

The way we work:
The healing process involves establishing a relationship of safety, trust and authenticity where you and a ASTA Coach will work together towards your goals. We are skilled by our varied experience and training in Psychology, Yoga, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Regression Therapy, Metaphors, Chakra healing, Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Integral Eye Movement Therapy, Hand Writing Analysis, Aura Photography, Chakra Reading, and Family Constellation Therapy, to name a few. However, I believe all the training is amplified with our versatility to apply these skills at the right time, and here our experience comes to the forefront. As and when we choose to introduce one of the above frameworks in our work together, we will first provide an orientation to the process.

The therapeutic journey that we will embark upon together usually takes time and is achieved over weekly sessions that are scheduled at a mutually agreed time. Sessions are typically for 60 minutes, although sometimes they maybe longer. The total number of sessions will largely depend on the issue(s) at hand and certain other factors; and therefore, is not a fixed number.
For the coaching sessions(generally in a group) are scheduled before hand. Duration is two hours once a week.

What Is Expected From You:
You are requested to arrive on time for our sessions.
We have noticed that resistance may come up(even when we are motivated to change) , please be aware of this and make a commitment to participate in all your sessions.

You will have to be an active participant in your healing. There are certain tasks that will be assigned, please make sure you complete these in-between your sessions.

More healing and clarity comes through in the time outside the sessions. Be willing to put yourself in the situation which you may be avoiding to see the actual results of the work done in the session and group meetings.
Please speak to us if you have suggestions, complaints, expectations or even compliments.