Privacy policy

1) You hereby declare that you can legally undertake binding contracts. The registration information you submit is accurate and all details are honest. Your use of services does not violate any prevailing law in the jurisdiction of the State of Goa.

2) We do not divulge any client information to anyone.

3) We do not give client information to third party agencies or for marketing purpose.

4) Client information is only provided when the law demands it through proper procedures. The exceptions to protection of your protected health information (PHI) occurs during situations of suspected child, adult, or elder abuse, or if a patient poses a serious danger to themselves or others.

5) Confidentiality is an essential part of all our sessions. All client records are maintained for therapeutic benefits for the client. And are not accessible to anyone besides the principal consultant. All the information disclosed by you during our sessions is confidential and will be held with utmost respect, sensitivity and honour. We are ethically bound to maintain confidentiality.

6) All sessions are audio recorded(unless specifically denied by the client) Video recording is with the permission of the client.

7) We strive to avoid any data leaks, however should I experience any data breaches, I will inform you as soon as possible.