Couples Program

Your relationship can make you or break you. It can get the best out of you both or your worst.   Your relationship should be your safe place, where both of you can flourish and grow. This strong, healthy core partnerships seeps into all areas of your life and keeps life balanced, happy and fun. 

We help you to build a strong foundation for your partnership. Right from setting couple goals, to expectation management to manifesting your dream love life.  Your communication improves drastically when you understand each other. Even if you are going through a rough phases, it’s time to seek help rather than seethe in the toxicity.

Financial Freedom Program

When there are limiting beliefs the first impact is finances and success. Either you feel you are incapable of success and wealth or no matter how hard you try your not reaching your potential, very often its even as basic as not being able to make ends meet.  This program is for you if you want to attain complete financial freedom and prosperity. The process requires complete dedication and commitment, especially because there are some beliefs which are deeply engrained in your psyche. 

Self-Empowerment Program

Someone rightly said, not just hold the perpetrator responsible but more importantly empower the victim. Taking responsibility for your life and the choices you have made doesn’t come easily. Its the way forward though. Self-empowerment means living your life on your terms. Living without baggage and loving the person you see in the mirror.


Addiction to nicotine, alcohol, gambling or sugar is not the primary problem its infact the external manifestation of a deeper issue.  Using hypnotherapy we have successfully facilitated clients to overcome their addiction to nicotine, gambling, sugar or early stages of alcohol. Our 10 sessions include detailed analysis to get into the root of the patterns and we have weekly group support sessions to aid the healing.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation have been tried, tested, researched and proved in detail worldwide. Meditation and yoga helps not only physically but more so emotionally and spiritually. In simple words you step into your power. The most important aspect of this is – yoga and meditation is not an intellectual learning , if you want the benefits , you have to get your hands dirty, and fully submerge yourself in the experience.

Chakra Reading and Aura photography

The chakra system is an ancient asian methodology to map the energy body of a person.  Chakras are energy centres in the body. Different  thoughts and emotions are associated to each of the chakras.   Simply put our thoughts affect our aura and our  bodies, both positively and negatively. So a diseased body begins with a diseased thought process.

In our methodology we show  in detail where the blocks are. If your energy is flowing freely there is no disease in the body and also you find no hindrances to reach your goal.