One on One Therapy

One on one therapy is a where an individual (the client) is involved in a healing process with a therapist, either in a physical place or on an online platform. 

There is no one size fits all. These sessions are tailor made sessions.

A therapist is someone who is professionally trained in the use of therapy and counselling, it is extensive training and some spend years specialising in one particular modality.  

In my therapeutic practice, my main focus is empowering my clients to trust themselves and take action through self awareness and self responsibility. It’s is very different from getting advice from friends, family and acquaintances. As a therapist I cannot tell my clients what to do. At the same time I believe its my responsibility to throw light on the darkest recesses of the mind , especially those parts that my client is fearful to look at, to achieve the therapy goal set out by my client at the start of our sessions; with compassion and integrity . 

According to my experience and research also shows the efficacy of therapy is not too different in online or in person. Some issues are not possible to handle over the online platform as it’s too sensitive and the client needs to be physically accessible if intervention is required. But for the most part online therapy is safe and highly effective.

Considering all that has been happening  over the past few months, I’m sure you are feeling like you just need to speak to someone or make the situation ‘normal’ again. Or it could most likely be that you cannot ignore the underlying problem anymore.

In the present times it is so easy to get help. You can basically do a session seating in your home space with a therapist across the globe. However , the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA, reports that 60 percent of Americans with mental health concerns don’t get treatment. Maybe it is the social stigmatisation. At least in my country it’s a detterent. In 2020 WHO estimates that about 7.5 per cent Indians suffer from some mental disorder and predicts that by end of 2020 roughly 20 per cent of India will suffer from mental illnesses. According to the numbers, 56 million Indians suffer from depression and another 38 million Indians suffer from anxiety disorders. 

These are huge numbers. This is thought provoking. And also very disheartening to know that people don’t get the help they need.

If you are concerned for your safety and confidentiality – you are safe with me. This work is my life and extremely sacred to me. Moreover I have done my personal work too on myself and I strive to walk the talk. I know it’s scary, I have been there, and I also know it’s totally worth it eventually. Don’t let your fears stop you from getting the help you need. You don’t have to come to me- reach out to whoever you are comfortable with.

If you and I click, you can book in person sessions or online. I am comfortable and confident in both scenarios. Feel free to write to me if you happen to have any questions.