5 AM Morning Meditation:

Start your day with a calm mind. Join our 5 am meditation journey to strengthen your inner being and quieten the monkey mind. Early morning meditation brightens your day, develops a stronger mind, and improves sleep patterns.

Weekend for Couples:

Love between two individuals nurtures with time but can turn sour. Our guided one-to-one sessions with the couple together and as individuals help open communication, build intimacy, and promote a healthy relationship where individual goals don’t come at the cost of being together. But given space to grow. 

Action-Oriented Vision Boards:

Your thoughts become your reality, and we chalk out a clear vision to help you achieve your life goals. Vision boards are proven powerful visualizing techniques that yield success in all areas of life.  

Manifesting 2023:

Are you unhappy with the way you lead your life? Are you ready to take a massive step to live your fullest potential? Join our 7-day residential retreat from 27 December to 2 January 2023 and usher in 2023 on a blank page. 

Wednesday Rendezvous

Meet and greet with Leona, our founder to get to know more about yourself and how you can improve your life. This FREE session is every Wednesday. Get in touch to join the next session.