How Limiting Beliefs Stop You from Achieving Success

For years Nina Santos lived with the beliefs that ‘she wasn’t good enough, ‘money is bad’ or ‘she wasn’t confident enough to try new things.’ These beliefs, over the years, were ingrained subconsciously, and it made her lack confidence in herself, develop low self-esteem, and believe that she did not deserve to live in financial wealth. After she visited us, she slowly began to unlearn these past beliefs, that she welcomed abundance in her life and developed the confidence she needed to move ahead.

So, what are limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs, simply put, implies what we think we become. If we believe we are poor, unhappy, or scared, we bring these to our reality.

Such thoughts keep us from achieving our life’s goals. These have been subconsciously implanted since birth, through adolescence, and carried forward into adulthood. If our parents told us, ‘we are good for nothing,’ we grow up believing so. Our fears limit our growth and success. For instance, if we fear success, we will not reach there. 

They hold us back from living an enriching life. We get stuck in the same position since we believe that we belong there.

Can you identify which one is yours? Here are some examples:

I’m not good enough

I don’t deserve to be happy

I’m too old

I don’t have the time

I will never have enough money

I am not talented

I am not as great her him/her

I can’t do this…

I don’t have enough money

I’m not a good looker

All these thoughts that revolve in our inner minds can harm our progress. How?

They attract negative emotions and vibrations. Thus, what you see around is a manifestation of what’s inside. If you see life as a bed of thorns, you add problems and challenges. A person who thinks they don’t have money will never have enough. If you are constantly wish you had more opportunities, you will not attract fresh ones.

However, a positive outlook can enhance one’s perspective and immediately put you on the road to success.

Given that these beliefs are part of us and difficult to identify, how do we learn to spot them?

Identify & Write them Down: Pay attention to the constant dialogues you use to convince yourself. If you want to learn to drive or swim, do you tell yourself you are scared or that you won’t be able to do it?

Do you hear yourself say that you’re too old to date or find love or that you will never find someone in your life?

Being aware of these inner conversations will help you identify what your limiting beliefs are, where they are and how they got there.

Turn back to the past and listen to what your parents told you about yourself. Did they you tell you are ugly, good for nothing, that you will never be successful? That’s another area where you can find answers to your present beliefs. 

Write them down. It’s an effective method of finding ways to be aware of what they are.

Meditation: Our meditation sessions, under the expert guidance of trained yoga and meditation expert, Phani, helps you quieten the mind to bring a greater awareness within you. You learn to appreciate stillness and develop a better understanding of one’s inner being. Sitting in meditation, will not only give you greater control of your thoughts, but enable you to find areas where limiting belief systems work. 

Dose of Positivity: After you have begun the process and identified a few limiting mechanisms, it’s time to douse those negative flames with positivity. Through our positive affirmations, we guide you to start the process of change. 

Learn how to pull back the curtain and find a way to holistically live life to the fullest with us. Find out more about our program.