Get The Mindset To Financial Freedom

Let of limiting financial beliefs, emotional blockages that prevent the flow of money and abundance. Here are some quick and easy tips. 

What is your language around money? Have you told yourself that you are not making enough money? Or that no matter how hard you work you are always on survival mode? Or too much money is not good? Or money is the root cause of all evil? Sounds familiar?

Most of us, go through life thinking that our finances are never enough. It keeps us from acquiring our goals and achieving major success. The common refrain is ‘I am not making enough money to treat myself to the spa, I don’t have enough to buy a car, and I can’t afford that holiday. All these amount to having a poverty mind set.

What's a Poverty Mind set?

A poverty mind-set comes from a limiting belief system that believes in complete lack. Living in this state attracts low income, lack of opportunities, and you’ll always find that success comes trickling in.

In majority of cases, such a mentality limits us to thinking we don’t deserve the abundance we are meant to enjoy. Negative thoughts about your finances will attract similar ideas and with little space to grow, you constantly run around in circles hoping for a big cash win. You land up wishfully thinking for that next big opportunity, hoping for more, indirectly holding yourself back.

If you think, for instance, you don’t have enough money that is the reality you will create around you. You will subconsciously build an environment in your life where you are constantly low on income. 

Back to Childhood

What did you learn about money growing up? Did you experience abundance? Or did you grow up in lack? Lack not only means not having money but more so the mental emotional associations with money.

Chances are that you have heard these repeated to you all through life and those are the beliefs you grow up with. And your beliefs eventually become your reality.

Baby Steps to Attracting Financial Freedom

An abundance mind-set may not happen over-night. Just like the poverty mindset did not happen overnight. Should you consciously change your disempowering money mindset you will get the confidence to tackle your money issues and your anxieties and fears around it, and then you will start to attract bigger + different opportunities. In a positive state, the world around you transforms.

You are capable of working better, harder to meet your goals, and achieving success. The  process is slow, and like a baby needs care in the beginning.  However, should you take the first step, and then keep at it daily, you are on your way to living a financially abundant life. 

A few tips to get started:

List them Down: Pay attention to your own internal thoughts and write them down. This will make you aware of what you have been telling yourself and where you can improve.

Affirmations: Affirm to your-self what you want and your new mindset. Keep repeating these empowering affirmations throughout the day, till you come to believe it and the old beliefs are no longer there.  Some examples of affirmations are “I am capable to make money”  “I deserve wealth and success.”  “I attract money in my life all the time. “  “I love money and money loves me.”

Say Thank You: Sometimes in tough situations, it is difficult to see the positive. However, appreciating what you have leaves you happy and grateful. Be grateful for all you have and on days when you wake up with so much of burden and there seems like there is nothing to be grateful for – begin with “I am grateful for the gift of life… I am grateful to breathe… “  In fact we suggest all our clients to keep a gratefulness diary, and in here , at night write 5 things that they are grateful for. This process not only accelerates the healing process but mainly changes the vibrations to a higher frequency in the body and aura.

Take a Session: If you find yourself in a tight spot and stressed to do it alone, take professional help to ease the burden. Sometimes the problem is quite deep rooted or may even come down the generational line. It doesn’t mean you are not capable to handle your problem, it just means you need support and your willing to take it. 

Professionals in this area take years of training to help you with these blocks. Take their help should you find yourself in a stuck position.