Chakra Reading and Aura Photography

The chakra system is an ancient asian methodology to map the energy body of a person.  Chakras are energy centres in the body. Different  thoughts and emotions are associated to each of the chakras.   Simply put our thoughts affect our aura and our  bodies, both positively and negatively. So a diseased body begins with a diseased thought process.

In our methodology we show  in detail where the blocks are. If your energy is flowing freely there is no disease in the body and also you find no hindrances to reach your goal.   Making the change at the thought level can bring about change in the emotion and the auric field. So when our thought is in sync with our life plan; auric field tends to remain uniform and free flowing.

In today’s tech savvy world we  capture one’s Aura  with just a click of a photograph ,thus giving you a fairly clear idea about your energy state . You get to see your aura too.  And as you journey on the path of healing and caring for yourself watch your aura shift with before and after readings.

Duration: 2 hours

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