Cancellations and Rescheduling

In the event that you are unable to make it for a scheduled session, we would need sufficient notice regarding the same. If you cancel at the last moment, another client in need is deprived of a well-deserved slot. 

Please make note of the following time lines for cancelation:
Rescheduling before 48 hours before the fixed session time is possible and you save your paid session. Please note the session rescheduled will have to be completed within 20 days from date of cancelation. However, If a cancellation/reschedule is made between 48hrs and less, prior to the appointment time, the full fee of the session will be charged.
Same applies for the ASTA Coach. An extra session will have to be provided by us should we reschedule 48 hours prior and lesser.
After terminating any package, ASTA will still maintain the patient’s health information keeping to the legal guidelines and is will transfer your information on written request from the next certified mental health practitioner.