Book Recommendations

Books enrich us in many ways, watering our thoughts with fresh ideas, new solutions to our problems, and widen our understanding of life. A few book that have made it to our favourite list are:

As the Man Thinketh

by James Allen
The classic self-help book argues that thoughts are the key to mastering life and helps cultivate a positive life.

You Can Heal Your Life

by Louise Hay
The author explores the concept of self-love and evaporation of guilt, a process she believes makes us mentally free but leads to a healthy physical living. She adds that positive affirmations help in breaking from limiting beliefs, forgiveness, etc

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

by Robin Sharma
This hit follows the life of fictional lawyer Julian Mantle who sold is mansion and Ferrari to study the seven virtues of the Sages of Sivana in the Himalayas. It offers advice for a happier, rewarding life.

Calling In The One

by Katherine Woodward
Through her personal experience, the author helps women understand that to find a lasting relationship, you have to completely have an open mind and ready to create a loving, committed, romantic relationship.