Leona Fernandes – Founder Of ASTA

Hello everyone,

I have always been fascinated withthe human mind. Even as a child I would spend hours observing the people in my surroundings.I have since come to understand that being a Psychologist was not by choice but rather my calling. It’s my observation that since our first breath , we are always striving to up our game , get better . In ASTA language we say we strive to live our divinity in our human forms… know more 

One on One Coaching

Here in the safety of the space created between the coat and client the deepest depths of the mind are addressed. Each session lasts 60 minutes. 

Group Coaching

These are once a  week, scheduled, high performance  sessions for individuals who want to up their game.


I use structured and unstructured personality tests to access conscious and  sub conscious mind blocks/patterns. 




My work can increase employee job output, satisfaction and reduce attrition.

My coaching makes a crucial difference to management to lead with inspiration and generate wealth.