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Amrutha Sanjeevani

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Self Hypnosis Workshop

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About Me

I have always been fascinated with the human mind. Even as a child I would spend hours observing the people in my surroundings. I have since come to understand that being a Psychologist was not by choice but rather my calling. It’s my observation that since our first breath , we are always striving to up our game , get better . In ASTA language we say we strive to live our divinity in our human forms.

The word ‘heal’ and health comes from the proto-germanic ‘khailaz’ and means to make whole ,be healthy ,to recover, cure.
Healing is a part of everyone’s life journey. “You” play a big part in the healing process and if you believe you are ready and truly want it, there is great success.The toughest part in the beginning is taking that first step and if you are here then the first step has been taken. Congratulations. 
Where you come from(family , genetics) , where you have been(life experiences) and your belief systems(what you choose to believe) form a big part of who you are today. Some experiences enhance our life and others become obstacles in our path to living fulfilling lives. ASTA believes to focus on to overcome the blocks to recreate, live, and be truly present in the life you want to live. We believe your past is important but more important is where you going.

Us humans follow deeply embedded patterns in life. If you are paying attention you will notice that the characters in your life may change but the theme remains constant !
Breaking these patterns is tough, especially because we don’t know and understand its roots. And it’s our security net for a long time.
My core strength is my natural ability at seeing these patterns, getting to its roots and eliminating it .This process is not only beneficial but crucial to the individual’s growth.  I can help you create the right changes in your life patterns that help you shift and move into your full potential as a human.
I believe it’s possible to have a fully satisfied life and my work will help you achieve it. It’s not easy but possible. 
There is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep walking .

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