…is where the heart is

Healing is a part of everyone’s life journey. Where you have been and your life experiences form a big part of who you are today. Some experiences enhance our life and others become obstacles in our path to living fulfilling lives. As a mind-body practitioner I help you overcome the blocks to recreate, live, and be truly present in the life you want to live.

Through my experiences as a practitioner , I have seen how life stressors, past experiences, and genetics can all play a role in the difficulties of our lives. What I learnt  through my own life experiences is that “You” play a big part in the healing process and if you believe you are ready and truly want it, there is great success.My hope is that we can create a safe environment to enable you to grow and adapt to what life has to offer and start to explore the things that may be holding you back.

The toughest part is taking the first step and if you are here then the first STEP has been taken. Congratulations. 

Us humans follow deeply embedded patterns in life, these patterns come from our childhood beliefs, taught to us by our family and community. 

Breaking these beliefs is tough, especially because we don’t know and understand its roots. And its been our security net for a long time.

My core strength is my natural ability at seeing these patterns, getting to it’s roots and eliminating it .This process is not only beneficial but crucial to the individual’s growth.  I can help you create the right changes in your life patterns that help you shift and move into your full potential as a human.

I believe it’s possible to have a fully satisfied  life and my work will help you achieve it. It’s not easy but possible. 

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep walking . 

Be humble for you are made of earth ,

be noble for you are made of stars